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Serbian Broadband SBB

Data Center, Telepark

The construction of a modern Data Center for internal purposes of SBB and telehousing services on the IT market began with the Telepark Data Center project in 2013. Technical and network consolidation within SBB enables an increase in the quality of all services offered on the telecommunications market and it represents the basis for new, innovative services. 


‘ORION Telekom’

Data Center

The ‘ORION Telekom’ Company is focused on the acquisition, integration and development of alternative telecommunication resources in order to deliver the highest quality services for landline telephones and Internet connections for residential and business customers. It was designed with the aim of moving to a new location. It was necessary to increase the capacity of the Data Center power supply, and therefore the building had to be adapted for this purpose.


Ministry of Finance - Tax Administration 

Data Center - a modular container 

The container is a prefabricated solution, fully equipped and produced by a single manufacturer. Thus the Tax Administration has solved its DR (Disaster Recovery) location. 


Ministry of Finance - Treasury Administration

Data Center

The installation has been carried out in the existing office building, which is situated in the center of Novi Sad. Both the Treasury and Tax Administration are located in the same building where the installation took place without the interruption of work in the Ministry. 



Data Center

The current parameters of the environment (temperature and humidity) were not appropriate in the room where there the Data Center was located. This represented a huge risk for the equipment and also the possibility of device damage and the damage caused by power outages of their customers. Also, there was a need to expand the capacity of the existing Data Center. 



Data Center

The aim was to integrate all departments of ‘Elektroprivreda Srbije’ into a single infrastructure. The ‘safe rooms’, its dimensions and the installed system can be easily upgraded later, depending on the need, or transferred to another location.



Uninterruptible power supply for priority customers

The existing equipment that was installed for the needs of the power supply of priority customers was outDatad and didn’t provide a reliable power supply system which was a potential risk for causing power outages and potential damage.



NDC (The National Dispatch Center) – power supply of technological equipment

The National Dispatch Center, the Directorate for Electricity Trade, the Center for IT Infrastructure and Service Support - Data Center, as well as other important services that are technologically connected to the management in real time, telecommunications and other systems are all situated in the office building of JP EMS. In order to ensure their safe operations, new equipment for their own consumption has been installed.


Telekom Serbia

DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure Management

The ENEL PS Company implemented first DCIM in Serbia in cooperation with its partner Schneider Electric. DCIM is an efficient tool that manages the current Data Center capacity and therefore contributes to more effective business planning and optimization of resources and costs. DCIM as a single integrated reporting system represents a collection of all states and alarms on the Data Center infrastructure, on a single monitor within a unified database.