ENEL PS as an engineering company directs most of its energy towards complex solutions tailored to business users, ALLOWING you to focus on your core business.


Diesel electric generators are used for a continuous power supply of sensitive and critical equipment in the Data Center. Backup power supply in the form of diesel electric generators guarantees the reliability of your business in all circumstances, much needed stability and a continuous power supply.

Various diesel electric generators from our programme:

  • provide backup (Stand-by) or basic (Prime) equipment power supply
  • are fully automated, with high performance
  • can be of small dimensions and weight, portable and perfect for users for whom mobility is essential
  • can be without housing if they are intended for indoor use
  • can be placed in a soundproof enclosure that meets European standards regarding sound   damping (2000/14 / EC)

The selection of products related to diesel electric generators is broad and includes:

  • diesel generator sets
  • cabinets with automatic transfer switch for switching power supply from the network to the generator and vice versa
  • control panel generator sets that enable automatic or manual start and a complete set control and management
  • equipment for remote control and monitoring
  • internal and external fuel tanks, which provide the required autonomy
  • soundproof ISO containers to conform to special sound damping requirements