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IT racks

A Data Center of high density energy and network applications requires a new generation of racks and rack equipment. When designing a Data Center, racks provide completely safe and independent environment for keeping IT equipment. The dimensions and high static load capacity make the racks suitable for installation of the latest generation of servers and distribution equipment.

They provide maximum flexibility and the possibility of additional equipment - compatible accessories such as shelves, horizontal and vertical cable ducts, patch panels, systems for cooling improvement, blanking panels, roof cable ducts etc.

NetShelter SX – The rack for different purposes and environment

The rack is optimized for an easy installation, cable management, power distribution integration and high air flow.

Diverse applications: storing computer and network equipment of high density as well as broadcasting and audio-visual equipment, with a focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environment control, creating that way a safe environment for the installation of critical equipment.


NetShelter SV – A universal rack

It is designed for low to medium density server and network equipment with basic functionalities that meet the basic requirements for the installation of IT equipment in different IT environments. It is designed for offices and the premises that are not intended exclusively for ICT equipment. Acoustic space in a closed cabinet stores IT equipment according to the needs.