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Optimally sized UPS for demanding and critical environment, UPS with a double conversion from the Symmetra PX family now provides superior protection and ensures a smooth future expansion of the Data Center. Thanks to the modularity and scalability of the product, Data Center will grow in line with the future technological developments, needs and financial capabilities of your enterprise.

This high-quality solution to protect IT and electronic equipment:

  • is ideal for the protection from the drawbacks of the Data Center power supply which is vital for the functioning of an enterprise and it has no weak points
  • enables cost savings through phase investments in the expansion of your Data Center, as it is highly efficient, scalable and modular
  • reduces the possibility of human error and the need for servicing is reduced to a minimum and thanks to the redundant sections and possibilities of their replacement without turning off the system it allows remote monitoring and control, and access to a sophisticated system of internal analysis of the status of individual modules and diagnostic analysis of possible failures